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Pests That Can Harm The Buildings

It is not possible to imagine imagining any location that is not impacted by the pests. These pests are of different types. They can be as small as ants and as big as racoons. Some of the pests are even not visible with the naked eye like the termites. These unwanted and uninvited guests that can hit any place include the following:

  1. Raccoons

They cannot be called tiny or small but they are really a disastrous surprise if they move into your home or the office premises. These cute, innocent faced creatures can be a nightmare. The worst that you can expect from them is the destruction of the pipelines and wirings. They can create holes in any wall or construction without letting you know that they have invaded.

  1. Termites

They are so small that they cannot be identified with the naked eye. Their presence is felt when they actually start eating up the wooden structures in your surroundings. If the termite colony is not checked in the early days then it can be really scary. The delayed treatment can encourage their growth and this would actually need several years to get rid of them. The least time to get rid of a well settled colony of the termites is 6 months.

  1. Rodents

The rodents are not welcomed in any case. The mice and rats are small but quick enough to reach out any space. They don’t spare any single corner of your premises. From papers in the cupboards to food items in the cabinets and even the wirings and plastic pipes nothing is safe from them. The moment they find a small hole anywhere in the home they would take it as a welcoming sign for their entry.

  1. Ants

You drop a tiny sugar cube on the floor and see the ants running towards them. They can smell the food that is lying anywhere and would love to invade it as if it is their right to taste these delights. They hollow out the wood. The intensity of the damage is varying. The ants multiply very rapidly.

  1. Fungal growth

Only four or six legged creatures can’t be considered as the building and pest in Gold Coast. The botanical bodies are also considered as the pests. Fungi are a known category of pests. They usually appear in the moist regions. They grow on the wooden structures. After their growth begins they start creating a greenish layer on the surface that is really damaging at times as it snatches away the natural strength.

  1. Bees

The bees and wasps are abundantly found in the environment around us. The black and golden colour flying insects can really bother with the stings. The bees are very beneficial as well due to the honey making but still they can be harmful at times. The honeycomb gives the healthy honey to enjoy but at the same time it is healthy and strong enough to damage the walls or the tree branches where they are hanging.


Besides these abundantly found pests the other common and popular types of pests are beetles, moths, squirrels and bugs. Go right here to find out more details.