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Everything That You Need To Know About The Security Guard Training Programs

There are lots of jobs in the market, but still people are able to make it to the right industry. This happens due to two major reasons; firstly, the lack of awareness of the opportunity and secondly incapability to identify one’s strength and skills. Once you are aware of what you are capable of and what type of industry you would be comfortable to work with, the majority of the problem gets solved. The job opportunity of being a security guard is exceptionally good, especially if you have a proper training and professional qualities. This is certainly a challenging job profile as you need to be the person behind the safety of the people, where the military personnel are not involved. You might not need to take care of the law and order, but certainly at times you need to take the call of what to do and what not in order to ensure safety of the site or people. Let’s have few more discussion on the training course and job profile of security guard:

The training of the security personnel

The security training courses are designed in such a manner that will help the trainee to learn all the rules and regulations of being security personnel. The courses are designed through various classroom training as well as assessments at the end of the course duration. This is the first step for the person in the security industry and thus the assessments are done very strictly so that they become capable to handle situations by their own. The minimum age criterion is 18 years and one can apply for the course after that age.

Types of job in the industry

As already mentioned that the post for security guard is very much challenging and one needs to earn certificate 2 in security operations to get into the job profile. Here is the list of companies where the person can apply after completion of the course:

The security guards are hired for in house property or guard properties like shopping mall, museums, schools, multiplex, offices etc. These are where the job opportunity is more and most of the job openings are from this section.

The security guards can also work on contractual basis for some security agency or organization and take care of the safety of the place. The company hire them for their on-going projects and deploy them to the site for certain period.

The government also hires security personnel to take care of government organizations or agencies. The major task of the professionals in this field is to protect the assets and ensure safety of the people coming to those buildings / venue.