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Tips For Efficient Bathroom Designing

Many people tend to focus more on the looks of a bathroom than worrying about its practicality. While it is a good thing to ensure that your bathroom does look good, it is even more important to make it more functional. After all, looks won’t do anything good if you will feel frustrated every time you to your bathroom because it is either cramped or you haven’t installed all the amenities in the correct places.

Whenever designing or building a new bathroom, it is important to keep tabs on a few important areas, such as what amenities or vinyl flooring option you decide to install. For a more detailed explanation of all these key points, read on below:

Install a Sink of the Correct Size – Deciding which bathroom sink to install depends on what you are looking for as well as your space restrictions. Going for a large, round sink is sometimes better than installing a regular square-shaped one in smaller bathrooms, as it is to install a sink with the vanity counter integrated right under it. You could also go for a pedestal sink if you want an easier time with accessing other areas of your bathroom.

Bath Positioning – When positioning the bath, try placing it alongside one of the shorter walls than one of the longer ones. This will help you free up some space that would otherwise be occupied by an oversized bath that is only good for taking up space. Smaller bathrooms can also forego having a bath, relying instead on a shower (which will take much less space).

Flooring – Floors in a bathroom must be non-slippery and water resistant, both properties which will narrow down the list of suitable materials for this task. This will in fact, completely rule out flooring choices likes carpets, hardwood and bamboo flooring due to them being extremely susceptible to water. On the other hand, porcelain tiles and vinyl sheets are all viable due to their low costs and customizability options.

Bathroom Cabinets – Try to avoid cluttering your bathroom with too many cabinets. Instead of doing that, install only the ones you absolutely need. You can also save some money by choosing semi-custom units instead of buying full custom ones. Of course, the quality and type of material used will also affect the price, so try to go for the middle ground and not choose anything too cheap either.

Look Out for Lighting – Due to the cramped nature of most bathrooms, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that they get good lighting. Install large, wide windows to see everything clearly during the day and a nice, powerful light for the night time. Often times, a single lamp with a slightly higher power rating is enough, but experiment with what you have at hand to see what fits your need best.